Association Living

Welcome to Community Association living! The concept of shared ownership can be most enjoyable and rewarding. When you took title to your home, you automatically became a member of the Homeowners Association, charged with the responsibility of maintaining a compatible environment for you and your neighbors, and protecting your property value.

With all the advantage of living in a Homeowners Association, there must be rules and responsibilities so that the broad scope of expectations of the residents may be realized. Three instruments outline the responsibilities of the individual members and the Association as a whole.

The first is the conditions, covenants, and restrictions, which are recorded official records of the County. If you do not have a copy, you may obtain one from the county recorders office, or contact De Camara Management. The staff will be happy to obtain a copy for you. The “CC&R’s are the main document governing the association and the agreement between the members and the association. The second instrument is the rules and regulations, if adopted by the Association. You are strongly encouraged to read and understand both the “CC&R’s” and rules. The rules are designed to help protect against personal injury and property damage. Finally, governing all common interest developments is the Davis Stirling Act (Civil code sections 1350-1376), which is now available through our web site. We encourage everyone to take full advantage of the amenities of your unique development.

The Board of Directors and other committee members are volunteer homeowners concerned with the over all operation of the Association. The board is responsible to maintain the “common areas,” which include, but not limited to the grounds, walkways, roadways, driveways and recreation facilities. For many associations, this maintenance obligation also extends to limited components of the residential structures. Maintenance obligations of the association and individual members vary greatly depending on the CC&R’s and the type the association. Please check with management to determine the exact maintenance responsibility.