Ever since Al was young, he has always been involved in community service. Al has served as an active member occupying a leadership role in DeMOLAY; organizing groups that helped seniors in natural disaster including the flooding of the San Lorenzo River. Later, Al became involved in Rotary, providing service in several community service projects, and the American Red Cross.

“Managing communities comes natural to me.”

Al De Camara, 2007

Al De Camara – President, D.M.I.

In 1994 Al formed the Association Management Division at Kendall Potter and Mann. Kendall & Potter was established 26 years ago as a real estate sales and management. This long time experience has created very efficient, organized, and effective management services for our clients. It is this efficiency that allows us to provide homeowner associations with the conservative yet aggressive management necessary to meet the financial, administrative, and legislative demands of common interest developments like yours. In 2000, Kendall Potter and Mann, Association Management Division became De Camara Management.

Al De Camara, President of De Camara Management Inc., has been a professional manager since 1993 and Chairman of the Board of Directors of a large association for 20 years. As such, he has been involved in every aspect of community management including homeowner relations, conflict resolution, construction deficiency resolution, budget preparation, CC&R revision, major maintenance projects, asset investment, and insurance.

In 1996, Al was awarded the designation of Certified Community Association Manager by the California Association of Community Managers. In order to be certified, he had to successfully complete an intensive educational curriculum that included instruction on community association law, financial management, operations, communications, and ethics. In addition, a standard of practical experience in the community association management industry had to be achieved prior to certification.

Al has resided in Santa Cruz County since 1962. He graduated from Good Shepherd, Aptos High, and Cabrillo College/Business Major. Al is past chairman of the South Bay Council of the Executive Council of Homeowners, Past Chairman of the Santa Cruz County American Red Cross and Past President of the Rotary Club of Capitola-Aptos. Al resides in Aptos, with his wife Sherri and sons Alfred John (A.J.) and Matthew Gregory. Al continues to serve Rotary, The American Red Cross, Aptos Little League and Habitat for Humanity.


Wendy Hernandez-Beall, CACM manager

Hailing from Honduras, Central America, Wendy Hernandez is a tenacious and dedicated Homeowner Association Manager with a talent for getting the job done in an efficient, and satisfactory manner.  Boasting a Marketing degree from Universidad Tecnologica de Honduras (UTH), Wendy meets each and every obstacle with both experience, and insight. Wendy has been a proud and essential asset of the De Camara Management arsenal since June 2016.  In her leisure time away from De Camara, Wendy reviews varying Honduran restaurants in the Bay Area recreationally, and aims to travel to Egypt, Greece, and Peru to study their architectural methodology and artisan styles.

Amy ‘the Hurricane’ Ferracane, DACM manager

Amy ‘Hurricane’ Ferracane is a Homeowner association manager with nearly half a decade of experience at De Camara Management.  Nicknamed the ‘Hurricane’ for a reason, Amy whirls around her associations with unrivaled speed and efficiency, completing tasks and resolving issues in both an above-satisfactory, and a timely manner.  Finding time for her valued associations and clients, Amy participates in a plethora of homeowner meetings five days out of the week, addressing any potential variables and issues, and providing an effective and efficient course of resolution.  Despite being referred to as ‘The Hurricane’, Amy does eventually find time to settle down following an action-packed week at De Camara Management. In her leisure time, Amy tends to horses, likes going to dirt tracking racing and finds tranquility in nature; camping near San Antonio lake.

Amy’s duties include attendance at Board Meetings/Annual Meetings, regular on-site visits, managing large and small maintenance projects, disseminating meeting notices, agendas and preparation of board packages, CC&R violation notices, architectural control and parking/security issues, preparation of meeting minutes and responds to emergency calls on assigned weekends.

Brian Dermer, Manager

A banking and tech guru from Clovis, California, Brian Dermer is a hard-working and inspiring Manager at De Camara Management.  Often working late into the night, Brian handles Bank reconciliation, transfers, and resolves a plethora of active issues, providing support for Al De Camara, among other senior managers.  Brian has training in DAMC courses, producing an impressive and fortuitous background in management services. Brian seeks to establish a non-profit charity designed to teach and promote digital arts for low income families and children, among other computer sciences.

Amber Krekorian, Manager

Proudly serving as a Manager at De Camara Management, Amber achieved a Bachelor’s degree from the locally esteemed school UC Santa Cruz.  Aiding Al De Camara alongside other manager’s, Amber is the company’s go-to-gal whenever an issue needs to be resolved–meeting each and every task with an equally impressive and inspiring determination.  Amber’s resourcefulness and skillful ability to adapt to ever-changing conditions makes her an indispensable member of De Camara Management. Amber enjoys reading, kayaking and hiking.

Assistant Managers

Ana Castillo, Assistant Manager

Ana is excited to join the team here at De Camara and we’re happy to have her!

Ethan Bowe, Assistant Association Manager

Perfectionist, problem solver, and spreadsheet wizard, Ethan Bowe works as an Assistant Association Manager supporting the team’s day-to-day operations. Ethan graduated cum laude from CSU Long Beach with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Operations & Supply Chain Management. He elected to return to the Monterey Bay area to enjoy the weather and be closer to family. With experience in military housing, Ethan thrives in fast-paced, changing environments, and enjoys the challenge of working with homeowners to resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. In his free time, Ethan enjoys challenging himself both mentally and physically with hobbies that include bouldering and table-top gaming.

Administrative Assistant/Reception

Mary O’Keefe

Mary graciously holds De Camara’s receptionist/administrator position, serving as the company’s front line in regard to customer communications.  Possessing a higher level of education, Mary has attended Cabrillo College, Sacramento State, and Florida Atlantic University. She earned her paralegal at Florida Atlantic University and De Anza College. Besides an education, Mary has an impressive and expansive background in a multitude of office workspaces. Accomplishments aside, Mary demonstrates herself as a distinguished and rounded person through her selfless actions, and limitless customer dedication. Mary has a tenacity for completing any task with exact efficiency and astounding quality, making her a valued and irreplaceable member of the De Camara team.

Mona Forrester

Mona is a seasoned Administrative Assistant with over 35 years in the field. She is recognized for her expert organizational and communication skills as well as for her comprehensive expertise in organizing departmental projects and functions. She is well-equipped to manage and handle confidential communications and excel in a fast-paced environment. Mona is a voracious reader and loves live music and gardening. Frequently, she may be seen walking her dog, Elliott in the neighborhood.